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Sold On Terms and Conditions of Use

These terms and condition are subject to updates.

These terms are effective as of …..

If you agree to these Terms and Conditions you are entering a contract with Sold On Ltd, 101, Wey House, 15 Church St, Weybridge, KT13 8NA, United Kingdom. VAT Number 00000

Use of our site is subject to these conditions. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are agreeing to be bound and abide by them. If you do not agree to these terms do not use our site.

Unless required by law to amend the Terms with immediate effect, Sold On will, where applicable, provide sellers with at least 15 days notice of any changes which affect them

We reserve the right to terminate these terms or to refuse, restrict or discontinue access to our site if you are in breach.


Sold On is a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell certain consumer goods.

As a user of the website, buyers and sellers agree that they must create an account to buy or sell items on our site.

Buyers and sellers can have their accounts deleted by request at any time unless there are outstanding sales or purchases (?). These transactions will need to be completed before we are able to delete your account.

Age – disclaimer. You must be 18 years of age or over to list items on our site.

Sold On provides a number of services. These services provide the user with a platform to buy and sell second-hand consumer products. Sold On also in some circumstances offers products for sale on its own behalf. These products will be identified as being sold directly by us. These products are covered by CRA and distance selling regulations.

Apart from where products are sold directly by Sold On, Sold On is neither the buyer or the seller in these transactions. Sold On acts as a commercial agent on a platform that facilitates the sale of the products. In these circumstances the Contract of sale is solely between the buyer and the seller. Therefore, except where products are sold directly by Sold On, Sold On shall not act as a reseller of the products and shall not become the owner at any point in time. Apart from where Sold On is the direct seller of a product we do not set prices. Although Sold On provides historical data we are not an auctioneer. Any historic prices are meant as a guideline only. Because sellers set the prices of products the price may be higher or lower than retail prices.

Sold On reserves the right to investigate complaints and violations to these terms and conditions and take any actions we deem appropriate including suspending a buyer or seller account.

Sold On is an anonymous marketplace and as such we do not share your information with the other party (?). We do however reserve the right to share your information with law enforcement as part of an investigation related to any alleged violation of law of these Terms in accordance with our privacy policy. We recommend you read the Sold ON Privacy Policy.

Buyers and sellers using the Sold On website agree to the fees associated with the sale or purchase of a product outlined in Fees information.

Accounts, Passwords and Security


As a user of the website, buyers and seller agree that they must create an account to buy or sell items on our site.

You agree to provide accurate information. You agree to protect you account, passwords etc. Agree to inform us of any unauthorised use of your account. You may not use any other person’s account for your own purposes without permission. You may not transfer your account to any other individual.

Fees and Taxes


As a seller you agree to collect, pay, remit any due taxes associated with your account. As a buyer you agree to pay any taxes etc associated with your account etc. You agree that Sold On is not responsible for payment, taxes etc on your behalf. You agree to give any information needed for the purposes of tax authority and give us permission to do so. Your account may be suspended if you don’t comply.

Seller Obligations

There are two types of sellers on our platform. These are Private Sellers and Professional sellers. Each type of seller has different responsibilities to their customers.

Private sellers are those who sell items in a personal capacity. If you are a private seller you have to sell your item as you’ve described it. Unless the item is significantly not as described or is faulty you do not have to accept it back. The buyer has 48hrs from receipt of the item to raise a concern and request a return.

A professional seller is a person or company that sells items as a business. If you are selling as a business you are obliged to offer a 14 day returns policy whereby the buyer can return the item for a full refund. They do not have to give a reason as to why they wish to return. They do however have to pay the return postage.

The Seller agrees to only sell products they own.

Seller agrees that the description of listing is accurate.

Seller agrees that the item is not counterfeit.

Seller assumes responsibility for the product. The seller shall not sell any product that is prohibited against law and product that infringes the rights of third parties.

The seller must access their account regularly to view any pending transactions.

The seller must dispatch their product once sold within 2 working days.

Sold On does not guarantee that any item will sell.


Buyer Obligations


When the buyer clicks the Buy Now button the contract is concluded when the transaction is successfully completed. By clicking the Buy Now button you are committing to buying the product at the listed price with the inclusion of any relevant shipping costs.

Contract is concluded under the condition that Sold On verifies and authenticates the item.

Condition of Products


We can only accept items on our site, that are either in a new condition or that are in a completely unused condition. If a product is advertised as ‘new’, this refers to it’s condition and does not mean the product is being bought from its manufacturer of from a retailer.

When listing a product for sale you must give a true and accurate account of the condition of the product.

The condition ‘new’ means the product has not been removed from its original packaging and it is factory sealed, when relevant.


The condition ‘unused’ means the product has never been used. The packaging has been opened and the product can have been removed from the packaging for inspection.

Disclaimer of product condition


Although products are in ‘new’ condition they may show some defects due to the manufacturing process involved in the creation of the product.

Condition of Original Packaging


All products must come in their original manufacturers packaging, unless the original packaging was unbranded. The condition of the original packaging is divided in to four categories as follows:

Grade A – Excellent condition with little to no sign of damage.

Grade B – Minor damage including scuffs, small indentations and minor tears or surface tears.

Grade C – Some damage to packaging, although integrity remains intact.

No packaging – Item came from manufacturer with non-branded packaging.

We do not except items where the packaging integrity is compromised.

You must also give a true and accurate account of the condition of the product packaging.

You agree to describe the packaging accurately including the inclusion in to one of the four categories listed above.

You agree that due to the storage and transportation of goods it is deemed that some wear and tear is acceptable. This will be at Sold On’s discretion.

Listing of Products


In order for your item to be listed and sold on our platform, you agree that all items adhere to these terms strictly and with no exceptions. Failure to do so will mean either your item doesn’t get listed or the sale of your item is cancelled.

Because Sold On is a curated marketplace, we reserve the right to exclude any product for sale that doesn’t fit in with our line of business and our brand image.

We cannot accept items on our site that are listed below £40.

To list items on our platform you must agree to accept our Verification and Authentication process.

You must not try to deceive a buyer in any way.



Private Sellers

Receipt of payment for goods sold by private sellers will be made to their bank account within 24hrs of the item being dispatched from Sold On. Payment to your bank account can take up to 5 days. Payment to your paypal account can take up to 24hrs.

Professional Sellers

Receipt of payment for goods sold by professional sellers will be made to their bank or paypal account 21 days after dispatch from Sold On to the buyer. Payment to your bank account can take up to 5 days. Payment to your paypal account can take up to 24hrs.


Authentication, shipping and handling


To list items on our platform you must agree to accept our Verification and Authentication process.

Items that are shipped from the seller via Sold On have an estimated 7-12 days delivery time.

Items that are sold directly by Sold On have an estimated 3-5 days delivery time.

You must ship your product within 2 working days from time of sale. This is a strict rule to ensure the item can be processed by us and received by the buyer in good time. Failure to do so will lead to an unsatisfied customer and the possibility of the transaction being cancelled.

Our verification checks include the checking of the condition of the item as well as confirming that it matches the listing specification, colour, format etc. The packaging is also inspected.

If an item does not pass our Verification and Authentication process the sale will be cancelled and a small processing fee will be payable by the seller in order to have their item returned to them.

All products are examined in detail to establish whether they are a genuine item. Additional checks are also carried out to establish whether the item is stolen.

Sold On does not have control over the time taken for the seller to ship the product. The buyer agrees not to cancel the transaction if the time to deliver the product exceeds stated estimates.

Sold On reserves the right to reject the goods if it fails to meet our standards.

Items will be considered abandoned if left for 30 days. Sold On reserves to right to refuse returned or abandoned items.

Counterfeits, Fraud


Counterfeit items are strictly prohibited from our platform. This includes replicas and imitations of genuine products. Please note: if your item is found to be counterfeit, we retain the right not to return your item to you and instead hand it over to the relevant authorities.


Any items on our website that are found to be stolen will be passed over to the relevant authorities.


Limitations and Restrictions

You can’t use our services to make sales outside of Sold On.

Not able to form legally binding contracts

Upload any illegal information etc.

Abuse of any kind. In communication with us we will not accept any form of abuse.

Create a false identity

Upload material you don’t have the right to.

Upload any unauthorised advertising

Violate any laws

Upload material that infringes intel property etc.

Delete any information uploaded by another person or entity

Harvest or otherwise collect information

Use Sold On trademark without permission

Copy any source code

Upload files that contain viruses

Use any robot, spider, scraper etc without permission

Take any action that imposes an unreasonable large load on our infrastructure

Attempt to gain unauthorised access to our sites or services

Test the vulnerability of our site

Do anything that we determine to misuse our marketplace.

Sold On reserves right etc to act blah blah with law of any contraventions of these etc etc.

Intellectual Property

Sold On rights Disclaimer

User Content

You give us the right to use, reproduce etc. any material given over etc for the period of their use on our site etc.

Indemnity clause

Sold On are not responsible from any action from law authority associated with items you are selling on our site.

Disclaimer of warranties


Sold On does not accept any responsibility for any warranty that may or may not be connected to any product listed on the platform. Any warranty request must be with the original manufacturer.

Sold On does not represent any brands etc that appear on our site.




Information on how we are protected?

Electronic Communication

You agree to be contacted etc by us through electronic means etc

Personal Info

Guided by our privacy policy. We have access to your personal data in line with our privacy policy.



If the purchase is made from a private seller your rights of return are limited to the following; if the item is significantly not as described or is faulty you have the right to return the product. As the buyer of a product that is sold by a private seller you have 48hrs from receipt of the item to raise a concern and request a return.

If the purchase is made from Sold On Ltd or a professional seller you have the right return the item within 14 days for a full refund. You do not have to give a reason as to why you wish to return it. If the buyer cancels the transaction of sale, they will however be responsible for the return postage cost.


Returns of products that do not conform to the authentication process or the listing will be charged to the seller at a reasonable cost.



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