How It Works

Discover the seamless process of selling your luxury streetwear on the Most Wanted curated resale marketplace. Here’s how you can turn your unworn treasures into earnings with just a few simple steps:

Begin by crafting your perfect listing. You have two convenient options:

Press the ‘Sell One of These’ button found on the product listing page for a streamlined listing creation experience.

Opt to create a product listing from scratch via the Selling page within your account area for a customized submission.

Once your item finds a buyer and the sale is confirmed, swiftly package your product with care. Next, ship it to us using the pre-approved shipping label available on the product order page. Timeliness is key, so dispatch your item as soon as possible.

Upon arrival, your item will undergo a thorough verification and authentication process. Our experts meticulously examine each product to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and authenticity.

After your item passes the verification and authentication procedures, payment is processed. You get paid for your sale, with the assurance that your luxury item is set for its next chapter.

With the transaction complete and the quality confirmed, we delicately prepare and send your item to its new owner.

Behind the Scenes:

Pre-listing Assessment: Upon receiving your listing submission, our team evaluates and, if suitable, polishes it for the marketplace. You’ll be informed when your listing goes live, or if necessary, provided with feedback to enhance your submission.

Prompt Shipping: The promptness of sending your item after the sale is crucial in maintaining the integrity of our marketplace experience.

Professional Handling: Our dedicated authentication team ensures that only genuine luxury items are circulated to our community of buyers.

Ready to curate your closet and cash in on your coveted unused streetwear? Create an account to begin your seller’s journey.

For more information about the selling process please click here.